Clipping: Santa Luzia at Expo West in California - USA

Clipping: Santa Luzia at Expo West in California – USA

The participation of Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles in the largest US organic products trade show yielded some news.

The Paraiba company was featured in the TexBrasil website. The site highlight the company’s participation at Expo West/2016 with the support of ABIT – Brazilian Textile Industry Association, through the TexBrasil program. This program is supported by the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency—Apex-Brazil, a federal government agency.

Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles showed the public their hammocks and decorative items, made from organic color cotton, at the largest fair of natural and organic products in the US. The company’s objective in this event was to demonstrate to visitors and partners That it is ready to compete with the biggest and best international companies in the green goods sector, which offers products developed with concern for sustainability and the environment—ecofriendly-products.


Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles was also featured on the É Sertão!” website, whose main public are readers from Paraíba. The site shows images highlighting the presence of Armando Dantas, the company’s CEO, and Chinese exporters.

The report reveals that during the display of products at Expo West/2016 the businessman was visited by the vice consul of Brazil in California. The photos show that the Paraiba color cotton attracted attention as an innovative product and for its strong ecological appeal.


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